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What happens during an Alexander lesson?

In a typical Alexander lesson, the teacher will work with the pupil, subtly adjusting the alignment of the head, neck, back and limbs to bring about more natural freedom. This usually takes place with the pupil lying on a couch or sitting on a chair. Pupils are encouraged to wear loose clothing such as a track suit, but any comfortable clothing will do.

Later, lessons will begin to incorporate simple activities such as walking, talking on the telephone, or typing. Some pupil might have specific areas they wish to examine, such as sports activities, playing a musical instrument, or even gardening! Others will wish for a generalised improvement in their poise. Most people enjoy the experience of Alexander lessons, and talk of a feeling of freedom or lightness afterwards.

How many lessons should I have?

This is not an easy question to answer. As with any new skill, it depends on the aptitude of the pupil and how far they wish to progress. Most teachers suggest a course of ten lessons to get a basic understanding of the Technique.

How long does a lesson take and how do I book one??

Most lessons are 45 minutes long although the first may take a little longer. To make an appointment call Brentwood (01277) 223894

How much do lessons cost?


Where are you based?

13 Mayfield Gardens, Brentwood.
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I can't afford individual lessons. How else can I learn more about the Technique?

Many teachers run short courses in the Technique, in Adult Education centres and elsewhere. These can give a very good understanding of the ideas underpinning the Technique, and are often great fun! However, the scope for one-to-one work on these courses is necessarily limited and they are not really an adequate substitute for individual lessons.

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