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What is the Alexander Technique?

There are moments in childhood when the simple act of moving is a joy. Running, walking, throwing things, and even sitting can evoke wide smiles and gurgles of delight. Sadly, for most of us the process of getting older involves losing touch with these innocent pleasures. We become distant from our bodies and begin to move in habitual ways, often using excess tension in our muscles. This tension can make us more vulnerable to aches and pains, injuries, migraines and a whole variety of other symptoms.

The Alexander Technique teaches us to shed this tension and to examine our habits, re-programming ourselves to adopt more conscious means for carrying out activities and so avoiding unnecessary muscular strain. It does this primarily by teaching us to focus on the relationship between the head, neck and back to ensure this is working optimally. Gradually our bodies come back into a more natural alignment and as a result, the aches and pains begin to recede.

The Technique was developed by FM Alexander at the end of the nineteenth century, and has helped many thousands of people since then. It is taught to actors and musicians, athletes, business men and women, and the general public. Many doctors recognise the health benefits of the Technique and will recommend it to patients.



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